We are called Monocromo. We are a passionate and very talented creative digital agency.

Enthusiasm and the desire to invent new things is what makes us stand out.
We love to share our skills and expertise so that we have received many Awards that certify our Quality.
We believe in experiences: we know that we can breathe new life into a brand, and give it a voice.

Finding the new personality of a company is what we do best. It is this approach that distinguishes us from the others.
Customers expect a great experience. We help them give a shape to their projects. We do this by designing integrated solutions for their digital marketing, and by combining technological development with creative ideas, all conceived according to their needs. We work with stories, pictures and emotions. It is these elements that can help a company present its best image to the world.

We ask questions,

we share stories:

it is then that the magic can begin!

We love what we do

Our projects are always:


Because we take responsibility for everything we put on the web. The design can improve what is already there, but it must be of value to bring a real benefit.


Because our solutions are not banal, but they are achievable.
Because simple = pure = comprehensible and executable.


Because a large project is the result of illimitable micro-decisions. Based on our experience, we handcraft every detail of a product until it reaches perfection.