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Civette Concept Store


Website & Social Media Strategy


Website –  eCommerce – Responsive Design – UX Design – Social Media Strategy & Management

The luxury is fine, as long as unbridled (A. Arbasino)


When it comes to luxury Civette Concept Store knows what the fashion lovers want, even when they don’t know yet.
Civette is a luxury shop which offers to it’s customers the more fashionable brands and does this in a familiar environment, where anyone can express its personality identifying itself in various products which are selected with accuracy.


We have been contacted for the design of a website able to represent their fashion identity, made of vigorous, fresh and full of energy No Brand clothing and products: it come out a strong and determined store.

We manage the Civette’s marketing strategies in a simple, elegant, fresh, minimal, attractive and modern way, in just one word: fashionable.

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