Digital Experiment




Digital Experiment


Hawa begins where the written words end up.


We believe in the positive aspect of technology. We like to experience and to communicate through new languages. Words are one of the languages we use to express ourselves, but do we always know what we are transmitting?

Hawa explores the hidden emotions behind the written words.

Human language is not just a set of words that appear empty in our mind.

Understanding the hidden emotions in words and knowing how to express it is a fundamental process underlying human sociality. So we have decided to investigate how written words can hide emotions through a digital experience.


The first step of the process was to outline basic emotions and to decide how they represent them.
The first parameter chosen is the colors. Often an emotion is a mix of two moods so the color matched with the emotion will never be one, but it will be given by the sum of two major emotions among the five selected.
Second parameter: images. If we want to recall an emotion our mind processes images or events associated with it. So we have chosen pictures of each emotion and we have elaborated them to return a look which should reflect our mental process.
Third parameter: sound. Emotions are felt in the head as much as in the heart. We have analyzed the change in the frequency of the beat that happens each time we feel an emotion and we have reproduced this process by checking the initial heartbeat that we entered at the beginning of the project.
Last parameter: shape. The font is the form of written words. Through the study of what the forms communicate we have sought these characteristics within the font families and we have assigned them to every emotion.
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