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Website & Corporate Identity


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Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him. (A.L. Huexly)


Medialart is composed of a team of qualified professionals active in several areas of art, which produces, makes and organizes immersive exhibitions, great cultural initiatives aimed at popularization of Art and the Italian Culture.

To create immersive, dynamic and visually spectacular environments, they use the INFINITY DIMENSIONS® technology: this technology, realized thanks to the collaboration of CANON and Bose, uses video projection systems able to reproduce artwork in ULTRA HD DEFINITION.


They contacted us to design a new logo and a website able to reflect their identity and, most important, the great step forward in technology of their project.
We asked ourselves: How to transmit the relation between art and culture created by Medialart?

The Logo have been designed using two custom characters: a geometric font to represent the technological side and a calligraphic font for the art and culture side.

For the Website we could not avoid to stress the advanced technology and, at the same time, the strong artistic identity which is capable to communicate with institutions which usually cooperate with classical exhibitions.

We also manage the Medialart’s marketing strategies, translating their beautiful and innovative ideas in simple and elegant messages.

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