Branding & Social Media Strategy

When fashion become carpet


Sitap Carpet Couture Italia


Branding e Social Media Strategy


Branding – Social Media Strategy

I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.
(Coco Chanel)


Sitap is a historic company that for years has been creating carpet collections of High Fashion enhancing Italian craftsmanship.
Just like the latest creations paraded on runways around the world, their carpets are renewed every season, allowing countless combinations of patterns, colours and materials under the mark of Fashion Made in Italy.
The Centro Stile, manage by Barbara Trombatore, over the years has revolutionized the product bringing it to the maximum exaltation of its quality.

They choosed us because of they need to affirm their identity and expand the network of their web retailers.
Together with the Centro Stile department and Barbara Trombatore, Art Director, we have analyzed all their products, clarified the concept behind each new collection and outlined all the production processes that make their products unique.


Their work is an art and the communication strategy could not but move by emotions!
Sitap collections bring Fashion and Design into people’s homes. Fashion and Design are two fundamental conceps on which we have based the communication.
Fashion: a part of the brand is represented by an imaginary close to the world of fashion. Models, luxury, elegance and ruthlessness.
Design: we have inserted the product in the real world. We have contextualized it. Settings, interior design and technology.
Once the new communication has been created, our Marketing Team has planned and managed the social strategy. We created Marketing Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we analysed performances constantly and we optimized the target to identify a higly delineate target.
In less than a year the Brand has had an exponential growth of success on the Social, expanded the network of retailers and is continuing to assert its identity with continuous requests for collaboration.